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The McGrail Group, Inc. (TMG) was built on the theory that every system has its leverage points–places where small changes produce big payoffs. The McGrail Group has identified a half dozen leverage points that enable companies to become stronger, more competitive, and more profitable.  At TMG, we focus on those areas for you. And we’ve developed expertise in helping our client companies take advantage of one, two–or all–of these areas.

We are a proud managing partner with Leadership Management International (LMI) a world leader in management and organizational leadership.  Today, LMI’s aim is to develop effective leaders and organizations through the implementation of a unique process.  As the LMI concept has spread worldwide, LMI processes and materials are now translated into more than 25 languages, and marketed in more than 80 countries around the globe.

Leadership Development - McGrail Group
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Leadership Development - McGrail Group
Leadership Development - The McGrail Group

Michael McGrail

President and Founder

Are you tapping into your company’s inherent strength? Making maximum use of the leverage points in your system? Would you like to take performance to the next level? Strengthen your competitive position?

Before launching TMG, Mike McGrail built a successful track record in sales, marketing, and technology leadership positions with IBM, ExxonMobil, and M&M Mars. Today, he uses both his corporate background and his experience as a business owner to help clients build organizational strength, boost performance, and create a competitive advantage.

If you believe that your company can do more and be more, why not give Mike McGrail a call?

He’d love to talk with you about any aspect of his favorite subject–creating stronger and more competitive companies.

Leadership Development - The McGrail Group

Mary McGrail

Co-Founded The McGrail Group (TMG) in 1990

Women’s Best Chapter (WBC) is a program within TMG designed to help 50+ women unlock their full potential in a relaxed friendly environment. This approach offers women the opportunity to take a step back and view their next chapter from a fresh perspective. This is often a time of transition for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps it involves a refocus on career, retirement or numerous other possibilities and the opportunity to turn dreams into goals with the intention to create a positive legacy.

Mary has a passion for life-long learning and this program supports this continuous improvement process. She enjoys engaging in meaningful conversations about Women’s Best Chapter to assist women through coaching and workshops to gain clarity on how to become the very best version of themselves.

Leadership Development - McGrail
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Leadership Development - McGrail Group

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